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Use Your Imagination

About Strung from the Moon:

Where spirituality and practicality come together.

Is it possible to dream up a life you want AND step into it like the boss you are? Simple answer? Yeah, baby! 

But...and yes, there is a but...

Although you've likely heard it before - fantastical promises of profound change - you probably wouldn't be in here peeking around if that was working out for you...

Because here's the thing: Much as we may wish, there is no magic pill, secret formula, or wand to wave that will change your life for you. Change begins with personal awareness that something needs to shift, a desire to step more fully into the life you know you are meant to live, and a deep commitment to yourself to make it happen.

So, let's talk!

Here at Strung from the Moon, we  blend the woo-woo spirit stuff with the everyday practical steps you need to live a more fulfilling life. You get to design a life that lets you do you with that extra sparkly pizzazz you've been craving for so long. We love practicality, and we love a no BS approach to a better life. All organic. No fillers. 

Who are we? We're a mother-daughter team on a mission to inspire others to live a joyful, awe-inspiring, blissfully-aligned life. We believe growth comes from embracing and aligning with who you are at your core, that spark that is inherently and "souly" you. No more going against the grain or swaying to the many influences outside yourself, but rather coming into alignment with who you truly are and living the life of your design. 

It's time to create that roadmap for your adventure called life!

What We Offer:

Currently all services are offered online

Energy medicine is about removing emotional barriers to achieve true wellness on the mind-body-spirit levels. The work we do incorporates shamanic energy medicine and earth-based practices, positive psychology, and mindfulness, along with attention to overall health and well-being. 

If you are feeling stuck, disconnected from your passions, your bliss, or your life, we can help you discover and remove the energetic blocks hindering your path. It's time to reclaim your personal power!

We offer online sessions, workshops, courses, location clearings, and ceremonies.

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Both Mary and Rachel are so thoughtful and kind and truly have their heart in their practice. They are passionate and generous about sharing the information and helping you to transform your life.

J.S. Avon, CO

Working with Mary has helped me make transitions that enhance my relationships.

W.R., New Castle, CO

It was amazing how, at the end of each segment, Rachel connected everything together. I was surprised at some of the things she pointed out to me, ABOUT me!

K.A., Vail, CO

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Mary & Rachel Rogers

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