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Private Sessions


Energy Medicine Tailored to You

Private sessions are great for those who need to do some deep digging and who want personalized care that is

100% tailored to their specific needs.


A private session can be designed for individuals, couples, families, and/or support groups. You get our full, undivided attention to help you discover the root of old wounds and self-limiting belief systems that hold you and your life hostage. We work with you to release them so you can move forward with the life YOU create.

Guided imagery, the use of imagination, and metaphor are used to help guide you in releasing energetic emotional attachments and barriers during these sessions. A lot of work is done on the subconscious level as we work past the ego.

In this way, the neural pathways in that beautiful brain of yours  are rewired and that is ultimately how your life will adjust.  The spirit element is a part of what we do as well, so it's not all that dry. In fact, we believe in having fun along the way!

Strung from the Moon's style is to have fun, be bold, and be honest while doing the deep work.

What You Can Expect 

* Due to current events, most sessions take place via Zoom, Facetime, or over the phone.

Initial Consult - It’s Free!


In the first consult, we get to know each other, see if we're a good fit, and determine what path is best for you and your personal growth. From there, we develop a plan of sessions based on what we learn about you and your needs. 

Tailored Session Plans


Once we've talked, we'll design a package to meet your needs and ensure progress. You'll receive a proposal and quote that you can accept, edit, or decline. We schedule a time, then we roll up our sleeves and begin working!

Sessions, Ceremonies, and Tools 


We highly recommend 5-8 sessions accompanied by a ceremony in a package.

You will be on a progressive plan with sessions uniquely customized to where you are in the moment, and adjusted as you grow to insure you are moving at the pace that is correct for you. Along the way, we teach you sustainable techniques and act as guides and facilitators during the deep work you do. That way, you have the tools you need moving forward to commit to a more fulfilled and soulful life.

You know the saying: Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day; teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime. That's a value we live by! You’ll find that we act as spotters while you do the heavy lifting. 

We primarily assist you in shedding the energy blocks keeping you from having the joyful life you wish for yourself. This can be accomplished through journey work, guided meditation, energy extractions, healing, and even some fun creative techniques. We also like to have a little fun to balance out the work. So be prepared for a lot of laughs and lighter moments!

You will receive homework each week so you can continue to progress between sessions. And you get a coach to keep you accountable and help you shift in while you're in the everyday grind! 

At the end of each plan, we always conclude with a ceremony that ties everything together and allows you to step into your new reality.

Embrace a New You!


After this round of sessions, we encourage you to continue your progress with coursework and  keep up with your personal work in order to sustain an improved reality.

You should also consider another round of sessions to level up even further. You can also join a coaching plan to keep up the good work. 

If you enjoyed the work and experienced growth, please be sure to refer us, and you'll get a discount on your next session or event!

Ready to Adventure

into your soul


Let's stay on the same page! Please take a minute to review our Terms and Conditions BEFORE you book anything! When you book a consult, session, class, ceremony, etc., you are implying agreement to the terms and conditions. Yikes! 

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