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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for taking the time to read over our terms and conditions! You get a gold star for being responsible!

When you RSVP to a free or paid activity be it a consult, session, class/course, workshop, retreat, ceremony, or any activity of any kind, you are implying agreement to the following policies. This also goes for the use of this site. Additionally, anything written by a Strung from the Moon practitioner or guest is also under these protections.


 It is your responsibility to understand these terms and conditions you are agreeing to and and to ask questions if you need clarification. 

Payment Policy:

All sessions include follow-up correspondence and follow-up sessions are usually on a weekly to every two-week basis unless there is an acute crisis, where they can be scheduled more often. Contact Strung from the Moon for more information about pricing.

Payment for any session, event, or workshop is always required in advance, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties.

All regular payments and discounted packages may be transferred but no refunds will be made without an advanced agreement between practitioner and client/student.

Strung from the Moon Practitioners will not be able to offer special cases without written and signed documentation. All prior arrangements must be signed before the specified session, class, or any other type of activity. 

Strung from the Moon accepts Checks, Cash, and Paypal.


Refund Policy:

Refunds are not given in any case unless there is a prior arrangement between the client/student and Strung from the Moon, whether in a personal or class-based situation, and must be in writing and signed by both the practitioner and the client/student.


In all regular cases, payments are transferable not refundable. Any payment that is not used for an appointment, class or workshop can either be transferred to another date, be used as credit towards an appointment, class or workshop, or can be gifted to friends and family.

Strung from the Moon Practitioners will not be able to offer special cases without written and signed documentation. All prior arrangements must be signed before the specified session, class, or any other type of activity. 

Cancellation policies are noted on the page they connect with.


For more information or questions regarding payment policies, please contact Strung from the Moon.


Client and Student Disclaimers:

In no way does the energy work provided claim to be a replacement for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment. Mary is a registered nurse. While she utilizes her professional nursing knowledge in order to assess the health of the client/student and to formulate a care plan that will be fit for their individual mind, body, and spirit needs, Mary is not making a medical or psychological diagnosis under any circumstances.

Likewise, when talking about alternative healing modalities, nutrition and wellness support, nutritional supplements, and homeopathic remedies, the practitioner is not in any way prescribing them, just as providing information about a prescribed medical treatment is not the act of prescribing one.


Sometimes, when assessing a client or student, the determination is made that a referral to a medical or community resource is appropriate. While the client is entitled to refuse the practitioner's recommendation to seek medical, psychological or other care, the practitioner has the right to discontinue energy work if they feel this is contraindicated in the client's or student's situation.


A client or student who agrees to and pays for a session, event, or workshop will be entering into a contract at their own discretion with Strung from the Moon and those associated with the group.


Personal work is always assigned and required when doing energy work. In doing energy work, clients and students have the choice of moving forward and growing or remaining where they are. This choice is nurtured and supported by the practitioner, but ultimately lies in the hands of the client or student.


As practitioners, teachers, and owners, we cannot be held responsible for clients'/students’ choices, level of understanding any content, or personal needs (such as medical needs, personal belongings brought to classes, etc.).


Students and clients must be committed to their journey in order to receive the full benefit of sessions, classes, or other offerings.


All cases are kept confidential and will not be discussed outside of class or outside of a session without the consent of the client/student. 


All sessions or classes are voluntary. If clients or students feel uncomfortable at any point, they have the right to stop the session or to leave the class peacefully at any time, at their own discretion. Likewise, Strung from the Moon reserves the right to cease working or corresponding with a client or student if  that client or student disrupts a group or practitioners or teachers in any way. No refunds are given, even in this case, unless there is a prior arrangement. See policies regarding payments and refunds.

For more information and questions regarding the disclosure, please contact Strung from the Moon.

***Please note that it is the client’s/student's responsibility and ownership to fully understand the contract before signing any written or verbal contract.



Parental or legal guardian approval and full permission is required to work with minors. Full permission is required both from a parent/legal guardian AND the minor involved. Strung from the Moon will never accept a client or student who is not willing to commit on their own terms.


No matter your personal circumstances, please be aware that, although transparency is key, the client or student between the ages of 12 to 18 will have the right to withhold certain information from their parents/guardians if it will assist in the healing process. It is their freedom to share with their family/guardians. The practitioner, however, has the right and responsibility to disclose any information to the parent or guardian if withholding such information endangers the minor.


In all cases involving minors, there will be required meetings between practitioner(s) and a parent/guardian that may also include the current client as needed. 


Note that all of the above rules and conditions will still apply to working with those under 18.


Mary graduated from the Four Winds Society and Light Body School, but the techniques she teaches are not from the Four Winds copyrighted material. She does, however, use the techniques she learned in her personal practice with clients. Any reference to the Four Winds or any other teachers is always appropriately credited. 

Workshop and Class Content Disclaimer:

Unless otherwise stated, classes are not designed to teach energy healing techniques to be used on others. They teach self-healing techniques. Participants are taught methods to enhance their own healing process while supporting each other. Strung from the Moon will not be held responsible for how participants use the tools taught in class outside of class. 

Strung from the Moon is not responsible for the health, wellbeing, or medical needs of a client or student. We will not be held liable for any illness or injury incurred by a client or student in any setting.

Strung from the Moon is not responsible for personal belongings of participants during retreats, workshops, classes, or sessions. 

In the case of a minor participating in any event or session, they must agree to all above terms as individuals and a parent or guardian must also accept responsibility on their behalf.

If you are a client or student, you participate entirely at your own discretion and must agree to and sign the terms and conditions prior to participating in any activities organized by Strung from the Moon. You are responsible for understanding the terms and conditions. 

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Website Disclaimer:


Strung from the Moon's content is based primarily on our own research and our own experiences. If you are uncomfortable or cannot participate in a certain practice, piece of advice, etc., for any reason, do not participate in it. If you don't like the content or find it offensive, let's peacefully part ways. There are plenty of resources available that will meet your needs. 


Strung from the Moon can in no way be liable for your understanding or actions taken as a result of any posts or advice from us or anyone under our name.


​Any actions you take based on information provided on this site or in class/etc., even in response to advice or support or at the end of a session, are entirely your responsibility. This site nor our company nor any affiliate are liable for any action taken, now or in the future, associated with any form of advice. Ultimately, what we're saying is that it's your call and your next steps are up to you.


If you have concerns regarding your physical or mental  health, please consult a qualified medical professional. Energy medicine is never a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. 

If you have questions, please contact Strung from the Moon directly.

The above policies and disclosures apply to any guest practitioners, speakers, writers, and teachers of Strung from the Moon. 

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