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Use Your Imagination to Change Your Life


What if You Were Given the Chance to Rewrite Your Life's Story?
You're always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past.
-Richard Bach



Close your eyes for a minute. Take a deep breath. Now imagine you are living life without any limitations.

A life without borders.

What do you see? What do you feel?

You know what you want. You can feel it in your bones. It is that life dream that you have envisioned for yourself.

It's the Life (with a capital L) that you have always, truly wanted.

It's that picture you've seen on Pinterest or a magazine that makes your heart ache for a life like that! It's the tingling, goosebumping reaction you get when something reminds you of that dream or when a coincidence happens that points to that direction.

But let's get real.

Something else is always there to hold you back.

Reality, maybe?

Not enough money to move on this? The "wrong" personality to run a business? Not enough confidence? Married to the "wrong" person?

Kids cost too much and take too much time and energy? Told "NO" by someone you value? Born into the "wrong" family?

Never "good" enough?

Perhaps something very traumatic happened that made you want to give up.


Maybe you have given up...but that little spark, tiny as it may be, keeps lingering and is still whispering to you.

Maybe you have even forgotten yourself along the way and you are wondering why you keep waking up with a deep longing for something unknown. An intense  craving you can't seem to define. You don't even know what you want, but you know it's time to grow.

In all cases, it is the story you wrote for yourself that has you trapped in the pages of your reality.

Our stories keep us trapped in a recurring nightmare we can't seem to shake.

We blame it on the trauma, the money, the looks, the lack, the culture.

It's all right there, in the story of our lives.

Well...what if I told you that there was a tool that was far more powerful than anything you have ever tried?

And it's accessible right now?

I'm talking about your beautiful mind and limitless imagination that exists there!

Your imagination is the most powerful tool you can tap into. And it has the power to create anything  you dream of... or destroy literally everything in your reality.

So, are you ready to create a new reality?


What Will I Gain?

In this series of workshops, you will experience the power of Shamanic Energy Medicine combined with modern modalities like Positive Psychology to shift your story and create the destiny your soul craves.

Over the course of the four workshops you will be building a personal sacred medicine bundle known as a Mesa, and you will receive the beautiful and transformational rites of the Q’ero of Peru.

You will explore Shamanism and Energy Medicine and you will experience a deep, soul-rattling change.

You will get to dive deep and go to the origin of what blocks you to make real changes. No more temporary fixes. No more band aids. 

This course will allow you to rediscover the whole, natural version of you and step into the light of your true destiny.


This is your chance to reimagine your life! You will learn to blast through the barriers that have held you back from your dreams. It's time to honor your higher self and dance in your true, raw self.


Are you ready to let go of the old and create an entirely new life that brings you deep connection and bliss?


What Can I Expect?

Expect to be transformed!

Come ready and willing to step fully in! You will be creating the life YOU desire free from the influence of others!

You will be shaken to your core and come out the other end changed and ready to fly!

This work is deeply personal, but we never leave out the humor, so be prepared for lots of laughter to balance out the deep work.


You will be with a group of like-minded people so don't be surprised by the new friendships that develop as you dive in!

Should I Attend?

The answer is YES if you...

  • Are 18 years-old (out of high school) on up for this series. (We will be offering a series for youth at another time).

  • Are tired of the life you are living. You want more, and you want to manifest the life you so desire.

  • Have an interest in changing your life through shamanic energy medicine.

  • Want to learn new ways to deepen your connection to your soul, the universe, the earth and to others.

  • Are ready to dream big and take action.

  • Want to experience a no-fluff, creative way back to wholeness.

  • Want to feel more bliss and fulfillment in your everyday life

 Any and all experience is welcome! Just come with an open, "beginner’s" mind,a steadfast heart, and a commitment to your journey.

Already a Mesa Carrier? Come deepen your work!

Part Two: Forgiveness

Dates: TBA

Part one we begin by demystifying the "other-world" and the realm of the shaman. We will teach participants how to journey and receive guidance. You will begin to see the places that you are being held and you will begin to unwind those ties. You will learn about Soul Retrieval and becoming whole again. You will begin to shift your story through the effective tools of sand painting and fire ceremony. We will wrap up part one with a beautiful Despacho ceremony and giving our old stories and grievances along with our hopes and dreams to Spirit.

Part Three: Alignment

Dates: TBA

Dates: TBA

During part two, we will explore more in depth the relationships with your body, people in your life, psychology, work, spirit and service. We will continue to introduce new shamanic energy medicine skills, journeying and visualization, dream work, grief work, and ceremony to begin to bring it all together in a new way. We end this weekend with a releasing ceremony for all the old ties and old selves we let go during this time. 

Part Four: Surrender

Dates: TBA

Part One: Acceptance




So, What's the Plan?

In Part Three we explore the idea of alignment: to your soul, the divine, your purpose and assignment.  We'll also be stepping into sacred, nonlinear time. We work on the past patterns that reside in our ancestry, karma, or ego and learn a process to journey back before the limiting pattern began. We will learn how to bring in resources to shift time, and so our response to these old beliefs and patterns. We will learn to re-code our DNA. We add shamanic energy medicine skills including death rites and soul remembering.

In Part Four we explore the changing paradigm of service versus sacrifice. We will spend extensive time in the Upper World working with teachers, guides, and power animals. You'll learn to practice the peace and stillness of the master shaman through aligning completely with Spirit. It's all about release, trust, and allowing a rebirth of your soul. You will step into the light! We will celebrate the awakening of our new lives with a ceremony and rite of passage.

Your Teachers: Mary and Rachel

For more information, questions, or to RSVP please contact us here.

We Can't Wait to See You!

Purple Sparkler



What People Have Said:

I did not know what to expect with Mary and Rachel. It was an unbelievable experience. The activities and explanations were so amazing. Simple things helped clarify years of misunderstanding and to see everyday things in a new way. I really appreciated Mary and Rachel's patience with my questions. Their dedication to the rituals and passing on the rites was experienced on such a deep level. The friendships I developed with the other participants was also a true blessing and I am so grateful to Mary and Rachel for offering this amazing experience.  - J.S., Vail, CO



Mary and Rachel have helped me change my relationship with the past, opening a fulfilling present.  - W.R., New Castle, CO



I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is pursuing a journey of self discovery and mastery. I have studied with many other Shamans from different indigenous cultures, and have traveled to faraway distances to find them, but was surprised to find an authentic one in my own backyard! -Karen P., Vail, CO


 An honest & grounded experience for processing years of baggage.- Jodi, Avon, CO

I'm Interested! Put me on that list!
We are not running this series at the moment but it will happen in the near future over Zoom and eventually in person!  If you're interested,  sign up to get on the list! We will update you...

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