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Meet  Mary: 

Founder and Owner

Mary Rogers is a shamanic energy medicine practitioner and holistic nurse. Born open, her journey to sort out her world began at a very young age. She believes that everyone has the ability to tap into their intuitive nature and heal themselves. Mary studied with the Four Winds Society's Light Body School. (Interested in this? Click here to check out The Four Winds). She has been in practice for almost 20 years. 

Mary's medical background and holistic wellness allows her to help her clients to grow and shine on the min-body-spirit levels. Her desire to help people remember who they are as a beautiful bright, sparkly soul has driven her to find creative new ways to take you to the next level. 


Meet  Rachel: 


Rachel is a shamanic energy medicine coach with over a decade of experience. She dove in at a young and began her journey to learn self-healing and empowerment. She began to apprentice with her mom and worked remotely creating coaching programs for the business throughout college. Her passion is helping other to create a blissful lifestyle that optimizes the strengths they have.


Rachel also creates weddings and ceremonies that restore the sacredness and beauty. Aside from being in this field, she works in digital marketing and event and wedding design. 

Spring Mountain

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Natural Ingredients


The cornerstone of our company values


Keeping It Simple, Sacred, & Environmentally Sustainable 

There's a sacredness to simplicity. We strive to help anyone create the life they love, while strengthening their relationship to the Earth and Spirit. When you work with us, you won't be met with empty promises or fluffy answers to serious challenges.


We want to help you optimize and amplify the things that make you shine. You'll flourish in a way that celebrates your unique personality and builds on your strengths.

We're also an environmentally friendly business!
We do our part to keep ourselves as close to zero-waste as possible, and we give back to the Mama. We try to be paperless as much as possible in our business and personal lives. Whenever that's not possible, we prefer recycled paper and eco friendly material. Throughout our ceremonies, we choose natural and biodegradable items.

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Howl at the Moon!

Nevada County, CA

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