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Mary Rogers

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I was born a Wild-One!

I came into this world "open." The little girl who could "see" too much and perhaps known to say a little too much as well. After all, filters are learned as we grow and interact with the world around us.


 Untamed curls, a wild imagination, and unflappable determination was my child-self in a nutshell. And despite all of my struggle to suppress it on and off throughout my life, I was never able to shake it off  -- hard as I may have tried! It has stayed with me, shining through every dark cloak I tried to throw over it - always present. I finally realized that for me, the "veil" has always been thin, cs simply my truth and so in order thrive, it must be embraced. I just had to learn how to come back to it, and boy am I glad I did!

Despite all the magic though, my childhood was laced with serious challenges.


And like the many of us who can relate, the wounding was incredibly deep, even debilitating at times.


But, even with these rough times I found I was always able to dance my way  back into alignment with Source (divine, God, Goddess, whatever you choose to call it). And most importantly I came to realize everyone has this ability! I've found that everyone has this amazing ability! They just need to learn to unlock it. This was my saving grace! 


My life's mission is to help others align to Source and tap into their inner power.



Helping people quickly became a passion of mine.


I have spent my life researching and learning about my abilities and the many spiritual paths this world offers as well as the holistic medical ways. I began to develop my gifts in the many ways I could, and as a highly sensitive person, I also learned to control them when it became too much.

I learned that my passion was to help create healing in the lives of others.

At the age of 18, I began to work in the hospital as a phlebotomist.  It was t

I became a nurse...


Eventually, I found The Four Winds Society Light Body School where I learned the ways of the Qe'ro Andean Shamans and became a mesa carrier through Alberto Villoldo's program.

As a  Registered Nurse, I offer a more mainstream approach to my practice.

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