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Rachel Claire

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My happily ever after...

It all started when I was humming a Beatles song while creating a flower arrangement. I was savoring every second of the process. It was like a light bulb came on! The enlightenment of my true self:  I am a low-stress, bliss-creating wannabe homesteader who would much rather spend life picking flowers while humming Beatles songs outside than forcing myself into a standard that just doesn't work for me.


Suddenly, I was on a trip back to my roots, where my true self in the form of a little soul part was waiting to be invited back to my adult self.

I'll let you in on a little secret. I was never one of those little girls who saw "happily ever after" as meeting a prince who sweeps me off my feet and becoming a princess in a castle. Nope! I mean really, first off being a princess sounds like a lot of pressure to me!

Instead, I was the little girl who loved to play in the mud, examine bugs, talk to the trees, and create little masterpieces inspired by my imagination. My creativity and my love of the outdoors has followed me throughout my life.


As I grew, I began to enjoy the fine arts, creating outfit and makeup looks, and all sorts of design concepts, yet I still love the feeling of coming in after a long day of working outside on the property, gardening, or even trail maintenance.

My roots hold the story of a glamorous tomboy.

Bliss starts from within on the physical and energetic levels.


Perhaps ironically, I discovered this while I was in a serious funk wondering what my purpose was and what the heck I was doing. I had just graduated college, started an event business after no one was hiring, and I had just fully joined Strung from the Moon. I found that even though I was working with people, I still felt isolated and unhappy. It felt like I was out of alignment with my soul's calling, blatantly ignoring what I was meant to be doing.

For a time, I was scraping by, doing okay but not great. I knew that taking the entrepreneurial route means a lot of work, usually a slow build up, and willingness to fail. But it was something else that was bothering me. Then, on top of that, I found myself stuck in limbo, burnt out, and more lost than I had ever been. I was surviving, not thriving.

That's when I realized that instead of  finding joy in what I did, I had to create it from where I was and how I was no matter how hard it  felt. No extra fluff, no BS, and certainly no road map. I had to start from scratch  and in the raw...which is where many of us end up before a big wake-up call, and I had a few!

I found my life's mission is to create bliss and through a holistic approach to everyday wellness, that is what I set out to do!


To me it is all about the willingness to break free from the boundaries we place around ourselves through societal, cultural, familial pressure or limiting beliefs we have embraced.


It is about letting go and giving ourselves permission to create bliss in our everyday lives without any apologies.

It's not about ignoring the icky stuff that comes up in life. It's about learning to get through it all in a new way and with a fresh perspective. It's about learning to embrace the ups and downs and to find joy even in the hardest of times.

Together we dig deep in the places where your fear holds you back and we change the story. It's fun, it's crazy at times, and it's all worth it. Your happiness is worth it.

Your Happily Ever After starts here and now!

It took me a while to realize that what I was destined to be doing was right there all along!

Like many, I thought doing the "normal" thing was right. But I quickly found that the white-picket fence life was simply not designed for me.I have always been a bit too wild and, quite frankly, a bit too weird to fit that mold! 


So, I took a leap of faith and decided to follow my bliss no matter the cost...even if that makes me appear the psychedelic sheep at times!

I realized I knew my truth all along. In fact, I believe we all do. Unfortunately, it seems it is all too common that we try to hide ourselves, bury ourselves deep down so we don't get hurt or rejected by those who have other ideas about who we should, or shouldn't be. If we keep that up for too long, we tend to forget who we are and what we are here for.

Embracing the "Crazy"....

I am a spiritual wellness coach and shamanic energy medicine practitioner. I focus on the natural creation of everyday happiness and helping my clients create the life they truly enjoy living.


Here's the crazy thing: I have been learning, apprenticing, and practicing for over 10 years now, though for a long time I carefully hid this part of me unless I was working. I was always fearful that this would take away any validity I had to my own existence and what I "do" for a living.

I will admit that it still sometimes catches me off guard to say that this is what I do...but I can't imagine doing anything else! So, instead of fighting it off, I chose to embrace it.


My approach is all-encompassing, creative, fun, and straight forward.

I take a no-BS route to teaching you how to create your bliss and to deepen your connection!

Creating Bliss


Life these days seems to require a buzzing go-go-go pace, and with this, we often lose ourselves to the everyday bustle. We do what we think we are supposed to be doing while wondering if there is any more to life than this. We often forget our soul's calling. Or we hear it but ignore it, hoping it will stop if it seems a bit off from the route we are currently traveling. Or all too often, we find ourselves wishing we could find our way back to it, but feel we have lost confidence in our ability to do anything about it.

We hope that one day we will get to a place of happiness because we meet those societal milestones like graduating, getting the career, the  income, getting married, having children, retiring. And yet so many of us are left scratching our heads wondering what we did wrong because none of this has brought us to that place of joy.

What we are not usually told is that bliss is created. It is a learned behavior, it is not circumstantial. It is not a plot on a road map or a reward you get for landing on each milestone.


In fact, when we constantly put joy outside of ourselves by saying "once I reach this or that, I will be happy," it will always remain outside of ourselves. It's time to understand that bliss is a creation of our heart, mind and spirit, and that it is natural and available to each of us!

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