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Walking The Shaman's Path

Come learn the ways of the healer, Step into the path

Honor the Call, Learn the Ways of the Shaman

Are you ready to honor the call and become a shamanic healer? Have you felt the need to make a difference in the lives of others? Are you passionate about mind-body-spirit wellness? The path calls you, and you make the choice to answer this call.

In this workshop series, you will learn to become a shaman while you fulfill your destiny.

You will learn to facilitate growth in others, hold space for healing, journey and guide, lead ceremony, and much more!

Who Can Participate?

Prerequisites are Required to Join:

You must go through the medicine wheel with us through our Change your Story Series at least once.

You will have to fill out an application and attend an interview with us.

You must be of a sound mind in order to assist others.


(Dates TBA)

Workshop 1: Introduction to the powerful world of the shaman. Here you will experience life in the perspective of a healer. You will learn the basic tools and activities we use and how to hold space for healing in others. You will explore the realms of the spirit in a deeper way and you will get the chance to learn to recover information from these places. Of course, we also go over why it is so important to be in this role and what you can expect. You will gain a while new sense of self and you will get to shift into a new you. We will end the workshop with a beautiful initiation ceremony.

Workshop 2: We will go even deeper into the roles our ancestors play and our epigenetic influence in our lives. We will explore our relationships to others and we will also learn how to track these relationships in others. In this workshop, you will learn how to unravel the cords that hold us back for yourself and others. You will get to go further into karmic relationships and groups. This will wrap up with rites and ceremony. We will also talk about shadow work and how to protect yourself while working.

Workshop 3: In this workshop, we will go to the upper worlds. You will explore the worlds more in depth and you will practice retrieving gifts for yourself and others through journey work. In this class, you will learn more about the ceremonies we facilitate and use for healing and you will even get the chance to lead a ceremony! You will also get to learn how to give rites.  You will be stepping into your leadership style and discover your specific gifts and how to use them in your practice.

Workshop 4: In this last workshop, we will discuss more about our roles and how we can use them in new ways. You will get to experience death journeys and learn more about the shaman's death and why it is so important. You also get to fully uncover the beauty of light work. You will get to experience the amazing feeling of fully stepping in to this role you were called to.this workshop will end with a vision quest and deep ceremony to fully become a healer.

Your Investment

Each Workshop is $350

Please review our Terms and Conditions

Please RSVP to Mary at or 970-376-0826

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