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Are Your Dreams Built on a Solid Foundation?

I recently read a blog post from a website that serves as a community for event and wedding planners. The post was all about the foundation of business. The question was quite simple: is your business built on a solid foundation or on quicksand? From the small business standpoint, this was an excellent description of why you need a business plan, contracts, financial goals, marketing strategies, a budget, etc. in order to be successful in actually doing what you love. And then I realized how perfect this analogy was for manifesting your dreams.

In order to find success in achieving your dreams, having a solid foundation is mandatory. Building on quicksand is, rather obviously, detrimental and destructive. The concept is very simple despite the overlay of complexities.

The foundation of your dream-building is the place of the nitty-gritty. It is the place where you need to go deep in the dark pits of your soul in order to move forward. We call this shadow work. It is the place that holds your old patterns, your old wounds, energy that no longer serves you, buried emotions, limiting beliefs, and so on.

In order to build a solid foundation, you must identify the places where you are stuck in a fractal-like pattern of a destructive nature. It is easy to know what these things are with a little introspection. You can begin by asking yourself the following:

  • What are my greatest fears?

  • What am I ashamed of?

  • Where and when, in my daily life, do I find myself frustrated and why?

  • What is causing for any unhappiness, upset, distress, etc. in my life?

  • What is causing for a deep feeling of anger?

  • What is causing for a deep sadness?

  • What am I holding on to that no longer serves me?

  • Where am I “stuck”?

  • What patterns of self-sabotage can I identify?

  • What do these things look like and where do they originate?

  • What addictions do I have? (not just food, drug,etc- think about those addictive emotions and behavioral responses)

  • * With these questions, try to visualize and feel out where you hold things like fear, shame, sadness, anger, etc. in your body for added clarity on where to explore.

Something you can do is to imagine what your foundation looks like. Imagine your dreams/desire/things you are manifesting is in the form of a building. Now, in your mind, make your way down to the foundation and note what it looks like, feels like, smells like, etc. Now begin to identify all of the places where there are cracks, leaks, roots, whatever you see. The most important thing you can do here is be grateful for each item you see and begin to let it go with grace. Then make the necessary repairs, or even tear it all down and start fresh! Now that you have direction, you can begin. Realize that this is the hard part, but is so incredibly important!

Know that you may need help in doing this and there are so many paths to choose from when working on these fundamental issues. This process can feel more like a walk through hell to get to the other side rather than a walk through the park. That being said, simply dipping your toes in the water is not going to do you any good. There is some benefit to the proverbial toe-dip but not much. Do the research, see what path or practice calls to you, and then fully immerse yourself. You must commit to your own journey in order to build this foundation and you MUST realize that it is not a quick-fix. If that is what you are you expecting, then I am sorry to inform you that your foundation is not going to be as solid. Choose a path and DIVE in fully. Do not expect a quick-fix with instant results. You must take the time and allow for processing. Though it is scary, it is often easier than you would expect!

To come to a place of healing and elevating yourself to a new vibration is where you get to build up from your solid foundation. This is the new-you! It is the same idea of taking a written-on chalkboard and taking an eraser to it, cleaning it off so you can start fresh. And boy does it feel good to get there! Now you can start working on what you want to manifest with a foundation that won’t crumble with old wounds and patterns. To build upon this is a guarantee for results and success.

But it does not mean it is going to stay like that forever. You still need to check in with that foundation often. Those negative things can sneak right back in and wreak havoc whether they are old or new destructive forces. Luckily, you are stronger and you have the tools to deal with it. Use your imagination and hold yourself in a loving light.

So do the initial work, get your manifestations going, and continue with maintenance! We all have to do the work, no matter what level of experience we all may have. After all, we are all humans, we all bleed, and we all deal with ups and downs. And don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise. It simply becomes easier to maintain, and with practice, you will get there. Trust in the process of your journey and have fun with your dreaming! Celebrate every success- large or small- along the way! Never forget that you are more powerful than you may think!

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